The Gift of a Helping Hand Charitable Trust

TGOAHHCT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2002 to be the help for the needy, the care for the seniors and veterans, the love for the domestic violence victims, and the home for the homeless.

Help make America better through technology, career and financial empowerment educational training for economically disadvantaged youth's, girls, women, veterans, domestic violence survivors and underprivileged individuals. You can also be a part of the good works we have been doing since 2002 by supporting our causes.

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How We Help Our Beneficiaries?

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Human Services Program addresses hunger, unemployment, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, illiteracy, homelessness, and domestic violence in Southeastern Michigan. In addition, we provide basic needs to hundreds of families and individuals requesting our assistance all across the United States and Universe during these challenging times.


Be A Voice Against domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual abuse. Be a Voice and help support this campaign all across the U.S. by making a donation to help us spread awareness, be a Voice and a pillar across the U.S. and worldwide for women to take a stand and be united. Your donations will help our campaign to provided booklets, pamphlet and other reading materials to encourage victims to get out and be a voice to help stop domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual abuse against women We need your financial support to help spread our campaign all across the world and the U.S.

Feed the Hungry Program

We serve hot meals to seniors and homeless individuals three days per week and give out food boxes (perishable and non-perishable) two days per week to the needy.

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Transitional Housing Program

To save women, who are domestic violence victims and survivors, from continuous physical and emotional abuse, TGOAHHCT provides transitional shelters for them.

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Computer Technology Training Program

At TGOAHHCT, we realized that it is not just enough to give. That is why we offer this training program to help our target groups become self-sufficient and self-reliant.

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Financial Education Training Program

This is another strategy from TGOAHHCT to ensure our targets build financial skills that will put them on the road to a more healthy, successful, and financially-independent life.

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