We as a nation can find funding for everything else. Until money is put back into opening mental hospitals and clinics to help treat these individuals. Public shooting is going to continue to happen, and senseless massacre will continue to plague our Nation like a cancer. Let your voice speak out and be heard and join this movement in help fund and cure mental ill individuals.

We must fund community organizations with funding to go out from door to door and hand out resources that will make awareness of the signs of a person mentally ill and capable of such evil. We must Foster an emergency hotline where immediate calls can be made and an immediate investigation is perform on such an individuals possessing the signs of mental illness and make threatens.

The Government passed the law, making it legal to carry a conceal weapon in public, not weighing the consequences behind those actions. Everything we do in life, there is a price to pay, bug or small, good or bad. These individuals be crying out for help, but are silence with being ignore or minimizing the warning signs of their mental illness with the attitude it is not my problem, and when horrified events manifest, everyone got an excuse of why it happens and not facing the truth, that many of us as human beings have a terrible problem with listening to others when they are crying out in pain through their words or behavior.

Let get 5 million people to join #STOPMAKINGEXCUSES Movement and help us raised 2 million dollars to help spread the movement around the world and help fund community organizations and mental health agencies to provide the help needed to treat and cure mental ill individuals.